leather golden heart mirror

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A reflected image, the warmth of the wood, the parfume of the leather, the purity of true gold – strong feelings inside one single gorgeous item. Smargiasso, our leather wooden heart-shaped mirror, is 100% designed and created in Italy, realized by professional artisans. This item will enhance the warmth of your home, adding value to the style of your furnishings and will be a great gift, made of sought-after materials and the best of Italian craftsmanship.

Handmade product. Any difference among products, such as small variations in mesures, colors, wood veinings, is the ultimate proof of entirely handmade production process. Almost all manual phases of creation and production of the object, from material selection to final polishing, give the product extra value, together with warmth and uniqueness.

Technical Infos

Dimensions: cm.
M: 40x40x3
L: 80x80x3

Available Colors: White, Black, Walnut and Natural.

Gold: Application of 22-carat gold with guarantee.

Other: the best natural Italian leather, first-quality mirror, accessories to fasten the mirror to the wall