Home Collection


On the surface, every love story is different. But in its deepest and purest form, true love is similar. This is why a love poem can describe an intimate love story; this is why a treasured personal object can evoke sentimental feelings.
This is what inspires our “Home Collection” products at Bertelli 2.

The art of craftsmanship merges with Italian design in the time-honored and exclusive Venetian tradition of gilding with pure 24-carat gold leaf. Since the first decades of 1700, Venice has been the city of gold and wood. It boasts around 33 workshops active in this field, totalling 64 master craftsmen, 70 workers and 10 shop assistants.

You will find the same 24-carat gold in the design products from our Home Collection, which come with certificates guaranteeing their authenticity. The signature heart shape and the unmatched brightness of pure gold characterise all our products.

You only need to choose if you want to:
Amaze with our heart-shaped hanging table candle holder;
Thrill with our decorative wooden heart for tables;
Allure with our glass heart necklace pendant;
Illuminate with our heart-shaped candle holder or
Enliven with our heart-shaped flower vase

Bertelli2 “Home Collection”, our heart beats for you.

“Listen how your heart  pounds inside me.”

Wislawa Szymborska